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Analysis and Design of Information Systems-2nd ed.
Analysis and Design of Information Systems-2nd ed.
By: V. Rajaraman

Published in: 11/30/2009

Publisher: PHI Learning, New Delhi, India

ISBN: 978-81-203-1727-7

Category: Management Information System

Paperback. Pages: 304. 17.8 x 23.5 cm

Author: V. Rajaraman, Honorary Professor, Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

One of the most important uses of computers is (as an aid to managers) to provide up-to-date information to efficeintly run their organizations. Of the total number of computers installed in the world today, over 80% are used in organizations for management information systems. It is thus very important for all students of Computer Science to know how to design computer-based information systems to aid management. This introductory text gives a lucid, self-contained presentation to students on how to analyse and design information systems for use by managers.

Thoroughly classroom tested and evolved out of twenty years of teaching Information Systems Design course at premier Indian academic institutions such as IIT Kanpur and IISc, Bangalore

This second edition of the book is updated besides the addition of two new chapters-on Object-Oriented Modelling and on

e-Commerce-to reflect the rapid changes taking place in designing information systems.

This book is accompanied by a separate supplementary book, Self-study Guide to the Analysis and Design of Information Systems. This guide has the solutions to all the exercises and a set of objective questions with answers. Besides, it has a CD-ROM that contains PowerPoint slides for each chapter, objective questions for each section with explanation for each incorrect choice given by a student, and a case study with code. An interesting new feature introduced in this CD-ROM is to allow the students to ask qustions. An "intelligent system" has been developed, which attempts to answer the doubts of students.   

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