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Management Information Systems in the Knowledge Economy
Management Information Systems in the Knowledge Economy
By: P.T. Joseph, S.J.-Sanjay Mohapatra

Published in: 10/30/2009

Publisher: PHI Learning, New Delhi, India

ISBN: 978-81-203-3654-4

Category: Management Information System

Paperback. Pages: 560. 17.8 x 23.5 cm

Authors: P.T. Joseph, S.J., Professor, Information Systems and Organizational Behaviour at the Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar, India

Sanjay Mohapatra, Associate Professor in Information Systems at the Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar

This textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students of management (BBA/MBA) provides comprehensive coverage of business applications of management information systems in today's new era of knowledge-based economy where the value of a firm's knowledge assets has become a key resource that can be leveraged into long-term strategic benefits. The text focusses on the information systems requirements vis-a-vis management perspectives required in a business environment. The technology innovations are covered, with particular emphasis on Data Management Systems, Decision Support and Expert Systems. On the other hand, several business applications such as e-commerce and mobile applications, made possible only because of continuing innovations in the field of information and communication technology, are thoroughly treared in the text. Besides, the book covers crucial issues of information security, and legal and ethical values which are as important both from the point of view of technology and business.

The book uses case discussions in each chapter to help students understand MIS practices in organizations. The cases also enable students to grasp how a systematic approach to every functional aspect of management can lead to formulating technology-based strategies in line with corporate goals.

The knowledge and information provided in this book will also be of immense value to business managers and practitioners for improving decision making processes and achieving competitive advantage.

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