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The Horse and the Mysterious Drawing
The Horse and the Mysterious Drawing
By: Li Jian

Published in: 9/30/2013

Publisher: Tuttle Pub.

ISBN: 978-1-60220-984-8

Category: Children

The Horse and the Mysterious Drawing. A Story in English and Chinese. Pages: 42. full-color Chinese ink style illustrations.

Long ago in China, there was a little boy who lived a nomadic life with his family. Hunger and hardship followed them wherever they went. They tried to grow food, but whenever the seeds were sown, winter came and and the seedlings froze.

One day, while passing bt the Yellow River, the boy's white horse suddenly got free of the reins and plunged into the river. After a while, the horse sprang out of the water with a drawing on its back. Only the boy was clever enough to figure out what the horse was trying to tell them in the drawing: the cycle of the changing seasons. The boy and te family learned to sow seeds in the spring, water them in the summer and harvest them in the autumn, letting the earth rest during the winter. By listening to the horse and the boy, his people had bountiful harvests every year after year, providing enough grain for rice and dumplings. Nomads no longer, the boy was finally able to have a home. Beautifully illisutrated and with both English and Chinese text this book will be a coveted edition to anyone's library.

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